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Rough times for some private PT practice owners

by Tannus Quatre PT, MBA | February 12th, 2008 | 2 responses

This is a great article from Florida that speaks to many of the important issues facing the owners of private PT practices today: physician-owned practices, corporate players, reimbursement, and ownership agility.

Medical Arts’ owner, Timothy Richardson, said cutbacks by insurers and Medicare, as well a change in a law little known outside medical professions, have hurt many physical therapy clinics.

“It’s sort of a perfect storm,” he said.

That storm sent some of physical therapy’s biggest players running for shore, and may have been a bellwether for the smaller operators.


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Tannus Quatre PT, MBA is a practice consultant and principal with Vantage Clinical Solutions, Inc., a national healthcare consulting and management firm located on the west coast.  Tannus can be reached through the Vantage Clinical Solutions website by clicking here.

Tannus Quatre PT, MBA
Tannus Quatre is a private practice consultant and principal with Vantage Clinical Solutions, Inc., a nationwide healthcare consulting and management firm located in Bend, OR and Denver, CO. Tannus specializes in the areas of healthcare marketing, strategy, and finance, and can be reached through the Vantage Clinical Solutions website.
  • Tannus,

    Thanks for linking to the article.

    Since April 1, 2007 there have been 15 physical therapy clinic closings in Manatee and Sarasota counties.

    Its across the board: giant corporate (Healthsouth and Physio) to small mom-and-pop.

    Probably about 50 clinics remain, nobody’s sure because some doctors and chiropractors list themselves as physical therapists.

    People I talk to at the national level say its the same all over but I have to believe that 15 clinics in a population of 400,000 (year round) is high.

    Tannus, what is your opinion of the Democrats?

    Any chance that the first two years of a Democratic presidency with the Democratic Congress will see a ‘clarification’ or repeal of the Stark II laws?


  • Tannus,

    On another note…

    I blog the topic Physical Therapy Diagnosis as a way to get my arms (and my head) around the whole topic of Diagnosis and physical therapists as a doctoring profession.

    I have created some free content such as ‘how-to’ videos, chart templates, a chart compliance program and some other stuff.

    Its all pretty focused.

    If your readers would like to view the content and perhaps comment they can find the blog at…

    Let me know what you think.