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Vantage, PT Pub Night talk ‘Energy’ During #solvePT Chat

by Ben Montgomery | February 18th, 2015 | No responses

PT Pub Night Speakeasy #solvept EnergyVantage Clinical Solutions founder Tannus Quatre joined the PT Pub Night marketing team in moderating last night’s #solvePT Twitter chat – a weekly, nationwide forum for physical therapists and the brainchild of Michigan physical therapist Selena Horner, a.k.a., TherapyGirl5 (@SnippetPhysTher).

Last night’s topic: energy.

Where does professional energy come from? How can PT’s infuse positive energy into their clinics? How can energy be amplified through engagement, relationships and professional networks?

We loved the energy participants brought to the discussion, and while their perspectives were diverse, we identified some common threads throughout the hour-long event:

Energy comes from having a sense of purpose.

Mutual respect within the PT profession is a source of energy.  

Sharing with others our passions for physical therapy is energizing.

What are your thoughts about creating, harnessing and positively directing energy for the benefit of the PT profession? Why is such professional energy important for our future? Tweet your thoughts at #solvePT.

Ben Montgomery
Ben Montgomery is a healthcare and business contributor for Vantage Clinical Solutions, a nationwide healthcare consulting and management firm located in Bend, OR and Denver, CO. Ben studied journalism at Simpson College (IA) and has been writing professionally for 17 years. He is available via the Vantage Clinical Solutions website and @montybrew.