Client Update: iSalus Support Model

    Vantage clients to gain direct access to iSalus support teams.

    October 27, 2014:  I’m writing today to make you aware of some changes which will be coming soon to our iSalus software support model. This evolution of our support model will better allow Vantage to focus solely on your revenue cycle performance, while allowing you direct access to the most qualified resources pertaining to iSalus support, training, and software customization.

    Before I outline these changes however...a little background:

    For the past year, I’ve been evaluating our ability to scale our in-house iSalus support model to meet the vast needs that exist within our growing client base. This scalability has posed challenges, and I have come to the realization that our core competency is to serve you through unmatched revenue cycle performance, not through the support and development of the software platform used in the process.

    So over the past six months, I’ve personally worked with the iSalus executive team to define a structure through which Vantage clients can gain direct access to iSalus support and professional services teams. Such access to services will go far in ensuring your support requests are handled efficiently by the most qualified iSalus experts available, while allowing us at Vantage to more keenly focus on the performance of your revenue cycle.

    While this is a bit different than you’ve experienced in the past, the changes represent a true enhancement in our ability to serve you. Here’s how the iSalus support process will work:

    • For software-related support (EMR, login, connection issues, etc.) you will access iSalus support by phone or email, just as you have in the past with Vantage. In addition, you will be able to utilize a new in-software support option that will allow you to create support tickets on the fly.
    • All claims-related questions and support will continue to be directed to the Vantage support team, just as you always have.
    • Any software customization or training requests will be directed to the iSalus professional services team. We have negotiated a rate of $95/hour* for access to this highly trained team of developers and trainers by Vantage clients.

    Though the impact to you will be minimal, we’ll be rolling this out to you over several weeks to ensure a smooth transition to the iSalus support and professional services model. The timeline will be as follows:

    • Right Now: You are free to utilize iSalus or Vantage support services. We will continue to support you as we have in the past, and if there is an issue which we feel can be more successfully handled by iSalus, we’ll make that determination and let you know.
    • Soft Rollout (Dec. 1, 2014): You may continue to contact Vantage for support requests; however, we will be helping to route you to an appropriate support or professional services contact at iSalus who will be working with us on this transition.
    • Final Rollout (Jan 1, 2015): All incoming support requests will be redirected to iSalus to ensure timely connection with a support or professional services representative.

    We are committed to continually adapting our company to the needs of our clients, and we appreciate the role you play in our ability to do so. We hope you share our confidence in these changes and how they are designed to enhance the level of services we deliver to you.

    Please feel free to contact me, or any member of our team, with questions about these changes. We’re happy to walk you through the new processes and the timeline for rolling them out.

    Warm Regards,

    Tannus Quatre
    President | CEO
    Vantage Clinical Solutions, Inc.

    *Subject to change as determined by iSalus Healthcare. iSalus Healthcare to invoice client directly for all software customization and training services.