How to Contact iSALUS Support

    iSALUS™ healthcare’s dedicated Support Team is committed to providing our clients with comprehensive solutions in a timely fashion. Whether you need to troubleshoot an issue in the system, schedule new user training, or just need clarification regarding how best to use a part of the system, contacting the iSALUS™ Support Team is the best way to get your question answered quickly and effectively.

     To contact iSALUS™ for assistance from a member of their Support Team, use the following resources:


    By Office Communication

    When using OfficeEMR™, you can create a ticket with the iSALUS Support Team by following these steps:
    1. Click Communication in your My Tasks List
    2. Click New to create a New Office Communication.
    3. On the message that pops up, click “To” Field to select the recipient of your message.
    4. Rather than selecting a user from your user, go to the bottom of this window and check the box that says Support.
    5. Detail your question or issue in the Subject and Body of the communication, and click Send. This will create a ticket for the iSALUS™ Support team to manage and work with you to resolve.
    By Email
    By Phone
    • (317) 687-8128
    • Toll free at (877) 280-6640