Now Hiring ​AR Superstars!

    ​Accounts Receivable Superstar [AR1396]

    In the world of medical accounts receivable (AR), only the strong survive. We want to be the best, so we’re looking for the strongest we can find.

    Accounts receivable, or AR, is the sum of all unpaid balances for patient services provided by a physician practice. It’s the money that’s owed to a clinic by insurance companies and patients. “Working the AR,” as we call it, is the process of resolving those balances - problem solving why a claim hasn’t been paid, and working against the clock to get it resolved within timely filing limits set forth by insurance companies.

    Working the AR requires diligence, smarts, and a “don’t take no for an answer” mentality – in other words, a “superstar.” It also requires some experience working with insurance companies, which is why this position requires that you come to Vantage with some previous experience in the area of AR research.

    As an AR Superstar, you’ll work with your team to prioritize and research open claims which haven’t been paid. You will report to a department supervisor who will help you prioritize and efficiently manage your workload, and you will work with account managers to ensure optimal performance for each of our client accounts. You’ll work both independently, and as part of the larger AR team.

    So, if you like this type of work, you’ll probably be really happy with your job. We like to remind our team that our job is just the WHAT we do however. But it’s the WHY we do it that matters most (more on starting with WHY here >> Start with Why).

    By effectively resolving accounts receivable for our clients (“working the AR”), you help physical therapists and doctors run thriving practices by getting them paid quickly. Thriving practices help patients move better. People moving better enjoy more of life. People enjoying more of life makes a better world. So, your job will help us live in a better world. And that's WHY we do what we do.

    Below, are some specifics about the job. If you think you’ve got the chops for Vantage, let us know. We’re in the growth business and we need the best you’ve got.

    What will I be doing?

    • Contacting insurance companies to inquire about open balances for Vantage clients.
    • Communicating with Vantage clients to request information and updates regarding open claims.
    • Monitoring and using key performance metrics such as % AR over 90 days, AR days, and denial rate in order to prioritize and optimize your AR management processes.
    • Working independently and among your team to most efficiently resolve outstanding AR balances.
    • Drinking kombucha straight from the tap. That’s right, and there’s beer for you too (after hours, of course).

    What do I need to bring?

    • A good attitude. No whiners here, please. Too much good to be done.
    • Initiative. With insurance companies, we don't take "no" for an answer.
    • A customer-first approach. Here, you're going to have customers all around you. ​Your clients, your patients, your team - those all equal the word CUSTOMER at Vantage.
    • Communication skills, professional-like. We like to have fun, but we need maturity, professionalism, and respect. You won’t work here without all three.
    • Experience.  You need to bring at least a year of AR management experience to the role of AR Superstar.
    • Flip-flops. The boss wears 'em and we do too (when we want).

    What would make me stand out?

    We want someone who knows the ins and outs of AR management, and how to deal with insurance companies to get balances resolved quickly.  If you've got experience with this, bring examples of how you've tackled tough AR scenarios to get claims paid.  If you've worked across multiple client accounts at the same time, that's also a plus, because that's what you'd be doing here at Vantage.

    What’s included in my compensation?

    • A paycheck. Like clockwork, you’ll get this every two weeks. Stoked!
    • A bonus. Every employee at Vantage has the opportunity to earn a bonus for team performance. We win, you win.
    • Health benefits. Medical, dental, vision, prescription, alternative care. Aaaah-choo!
    • Time off. You’ll start at 2 weeks of paid time off per year (and that doesn’t include the holidays!). You’ll also get 6 paid holidays per year. And if you plan to stick around a while, you can earn up to 4 weeks paid time off per year! How do we get any work done at all…
    • Retirement. We'll match some, or even ALL of your retirement contributions! We’re talking free money here!!
    • Rad holiday parties. Fah real.

    We’re a bitchin company. If you already work for one now, that's awesome - don't change a thing. But if you don't, and if you think our odds are good of ​REEEEEALY loving the heck out of you, you'd better apply quick, because space is limited 'round here.