Our Story

In late 2005, in Bend, Oregon, two clinicians met at a local restaurant for lunch. Longtime friends and colleagues, the two discussed a number of topics, one of which included an observation both had made during their careers as clinicians and healthcare administrators. The observation was that many of their colleagues were burning out. They realized they were burning out as well.

Concerned that they may be losing the enchantment that once drew them to healthcare in the first place, their conversation stumbled onto the cause of burnout in so many around them. To them, burnout was a state of mind that takes hold in the absence of passion; something that occurs when the mind is stifled of creativity and the freedom to think and do what it wants to do. Burnout was something that - by their own definition - could never result in the passionate, creative, and innovative healthcare that was so desperately needed within their community.

They didn't come up with a solution to their problem that day, but in the following months the clinicians revisited their observation. Over time (and several more lunches) they concluded that the tool required to infuse passion into healthcare was quite simple, and readily available. The tool was entrepreneurship.

By helping clinicians think and act like entrepreneurs by providing smart management systems, solid business knowledge, and support with the launch of innovative healthcare endeavors, they could improve healthcare.

So that's what they decided to do.