Entrepreneurship, it's in our DNA. And it's what makes us special.

If you spend any time with us at all, you'll know that we think, speak, and live four very important words every day: improving healthcare through entrepreneurship.

We believe firmly that the word entrepreneurship not only has a role in healthcare, but it plays an integral part in the improvement of healthcare as we know it. Entrepreneurship is our favorite and most powerful tool, and those that know us understand why.

Why entrepreneurship?

We choose to focus on entrepreneurship because at its core, entrepreneurship is really about freedom -- the freedom to take risks, explore opportunity, and create new ventures. With freedom comes passion, creativity, and new ideas -- all of which are desperately needed in order to save healthcare as we know it.

So, we use entrepreneurship to unlock freedom. 

By beginning each of our engagements with a core understanding of the vision behind the healthcare, we open the door to freedom by allowing practice owners and managers to think big, understand what is possible, and have a plan to get there. 

It's a beautiful thing.

Why healthcare?

Because it's what we know, and what we love. 

Vantage wasn't founded by high-powered executives, and we don't come from Wall Street. Vantage was borne of a vision by clinicians who at one time straddled the world between the bedside and the boardroom -- those clinicians are us, and we didn't like what we saw.

Where we came from, the words business and healthcare didn't exist in the same sentence, and entrepreneurship was something that happened in Silicon Valley, not the private practice. Fear of the unknown trumped the excitement of trying something new, and new markets were left unexplored and new programs undeveloped. 

It was boring for us. It was wrong for healthcare.

We believe that the words business, entrepreneurship, and healthcare can -- and should -- coexist. We also believe that there is nobody better to lead the charge than a team built by those who have lived on both sides, understanding that the patient experience can improve when a facility is financially sound, and that pro bono care only happens when a practice can afford to provide it.

At Vantage, we understand that our patients are at the center of all that we do. We also understand that it is entrepreneurship that allows us to serve them. 

For this reason we have dedicated our services, our programs, and our lives to improving healthcare through entrepreneurship.

If this makes sense to you or your practice let us know, we love to share our perspective.