Sarah Leigh

Working as Vantage’s in-house graphic designer, Sarah maintains our site, works on brand development strategies for clients, designs print and digital collateral, and collaborates on social media and marketing projects with other members of the Vantage team. A native North Carolinian, she moved to Bend via Ketchum, Idaho at the beginning of 2011 with 4 dogs, a baby, and a chef (doesn’t everyone?!).

Sarah studied graphic design and film at North Carolina State University. Her education was very interdisciplinary—going to a large University allowed her to take a broad spectrum of classes outside design. This has helped here at Vantage, because she enjoys using design to elevate our client’s work in the healthcare realm. 

Sarah helps Vantage clients with a number of needs. Many physicians and physical therapists don’t know where to begin marketing themselves. She talks a lot about brand identity and company culture for each of our clients, revamping a lot of outdated print and web campaigns, creating brandmarks, and setting up social media strategies. 

Besides changing diapers or playing with play-dough, Sarahenjoys being with family. They bike, ski, hike, and cook together. She alsoloves to travel, when she can as Sarah has family in Europe and all over the U.S.

What brought you to Bend all the way from NC?
“Well, we were living in Ketchum, Idaho at the time and after having our son, Milo, we wanted to be somewhere a bit more accessible. We (my fiance Ryley and I) moved to Idaho after college to be ski bums for a season. We just felt like it was something to do before jumping into work for the rest of our lives. Turns out it’s pretty hard to survive as a ski bum! But I’m so glad I did, because now I love snowboarding and mountain biking and can enjoy all that beautiful Bend can offer. Bend is pretty similar to Sun Valley; you’ve got the mountains and the big outdoorsy scene. Bend was a great “next step” for us, and it’s a great place to have kids.”