Free Tools

Free, But Not Cheap

How bad do we want to see you succeed? Bad enough to get you going for free. Below you will find a number of tools we actually use in the consultation and management of our client practices. These tools have been simplified to make them easy-to-use in just moments, yet pack enough information to be worthy of use as part of a comprehensive practice toolbox.


Practice Budget
From the smallest practices to the largest corporate healthcare organizations, everyone needs a budget. This simple private practice budget will get you started if you don't have one in place, improving your odds of financial success by leaps and bounds.

Practice Startup Checklist
Starting a practice for the first time? Overwhelmed by the number of things to do and resources to find? Our practice startup checklist will weave some needed organization into the process, stopping your head from spinning and putting you back in control.

Breakeven Analysis Calculator
If you're wondering how long it's going to take you to break even on your new practice or new program, don't start until you have the numbers. This easy-to-use breakeven analysis calculator will take a few simple inputs and turn them into valuable information you can use to know what to expect as you start your new venture.

Productivity Tracking Tool
One of the keys to financial success in healthcare, maintaining a productive work environment can quickly save you thousands of dollars. Capture this information with our simple productivity tracking tool and begin managing your practice in a way that will lead you toward financial success.

SWOT Analysis Tool
Strategic planning isn't just for the heavyweights in the industry. All practices need a strategic plan, and the time-tested SWOT analysis is the gold standard for identifying opportunities that exist within your environment. Download this valuable tool to begin understanding the forces at play in your market.