Welcome PPS 2011 Attendees!

Thank you for attending Building Brand Identity: How to Make Your Brand Shine Brighter and Last Longer.

It was my pleasure to spend the afternoon with you to cover the very important topic of branding in PT practice. I sincerely hope you will take what we've covered and apply it to your practice...immediately! To assist you with implementing the information you've learned, please refer to the resources below.

Still not enough?  Need one-on-one help developing your brand?

If you require more assistance with the creation or revitalization of your brand, please contact us to learn about two programs designed to help you through one-on-one assistance from Tannus and the Vantage branding team.

Brand Essence
Uncover and unleash the power of your practice's brand through our 3-month brand development program for those needing short-term assistance with the process of brand analysis, imagination, and capture. Contact us to learn more.

Brand Excellence
Become a true brand expert for your practice through our 6-month brand building program which provides you with one-on-one guidance with all phases of the brand building process, including the launch and protection of your new or revitalized brand. Contact us to learn more.

The Brand Essence and Brand Excellence programs are one-on-one creative mentorship opportunities for physical therapy practices young and mature, and big and small. Due to the one-on-one guidance provided by Tannus and the Vantage branding team through these programs, we can accept a limited number participants. So if your practice can't afford to miss out on this brand building opportunity, act today to reserve your spot!