Welcome Medical Fusion 2011 Attendees!

Thank you for attending Online Marketing for Physicians (and Medipreneurs):
What's Important and Why it Matters

It was my pleasure to meet you this weekend to cover the very important topic of online marketing for physicians and medipreneurs. I sincerely hope you will take what we've covered and apply it to your practice or medipreneurial endeavor...immediately!  To assist you with implementing the information you've learned, please refer to the resources below.

Still not enough?  Need one-on-one help developing your big idea?

If you require more assistance with the creation and marketing of your "big idea," please contact us to learn about two programs that can help ignite the spark behind your new service, product, or invention.

Vantage Idea Incubator
The Vantage Idea Incubator is the first step in bringing your idea to life.  Culminating in a powerful 60-90 minute consultation session, your Vantage Consultant will work with you to examine, brainstorm, and provide recommendations regarding your idea.  The Vantage Idea Incubator focuses on the viability of your idea, as well as the resources necessary to bring it to life. Contact us to learn more.

Vantage Marketing Systems
Having a robust online presence is no longer an option. Your patients, clients, and customers expect a lot from you, and are using the web as an integral part of the healthcare experience. From the use of sophisticated and user-friendly websites to subscription to content-rich email newsletters, the web is critical to attracting and retaining clientele for your practice. Contact us to learn more.

The Idea Incubator and Marketing Systems referenced above are available to Medical Fusion 2011 attendees at a 15% discount through December 31, 2011.  So if your getting your idea or practice to your market can't afford to wait, neither can you.  Contact us today to learn more, and to begin reaching your market now!