Welcome PPS 2012 Attendees!

Thank you for attending Starting from Scratch: A Why-and-How Discussion about Business Innovation in Physical Therapy.

It was my pleasure to spend Saturday morning with you to cover the very important topic of innovation within the physical therapy discipline. I sincerely hope you will take what we covered and apply it to yourself, your practice, or your organization...immediately! To assist you with implementing the information you've learned, please download the workshop materials covered in the session. 

Download workshop materials (FREE!)

If you need additional assistance or would like one-one-one help with your physical therapy innovation, please consider one of the Vantage business development programs below.

Still not enough?  Need one-on-one help starting your innovation from scratch?

If you require assistance with starting something new - whether it be a new service, program, practice, or location - Tannus and the business development team at Vantage are available to help you succeed with one-on-one development support.  Contact us to learn about two programs designed to help you make your vision a reality.

concepttuning.pngConcept Tuning and Development
If you have an idea, and are looking to turn it into a workable business concept, our Concept Tuning and Development program can give your idea wings.  In this program, Tannus and the Vantage team will walk you and your idea through the necessary steps to refine, incubate, and develop your idea into a concept that will work.
Contact us to learn more
about this opportunity to take your idea from "if it can" to "how it will."

businessplan.pngThe Business Plan
If you need a business plan for any purpose - whether it be to secure funding, seek approval, or help your team stay on track - we can help.  Through a series of business development tools, brainstorming sessions, and training, our team will impart to you the steps and structure necessary to create a business plan that will achieve your objectives. 
Contact us to learn how to put Vantage business planning services to work for your practice or organization.

The Concept Tuning and Development and Business Plan programs are one-on-one mentorship opportunities for physical therapists, private practices, and organizations of all sizes. Due to the one-on-one guidance provided by Tannus and the Vantage branding team through these programs, we can accept a limited number participants. So if you, your practice, or your organization can't afford to miss out on this business development opportunity, act today to reserve your spot!