Please view some of our most frequently asked questions below. If you don't see your question listed, please contact us and we'll have someone standing by to provide you with an answer!

How much do Vantage services cost?
With so many services provided by Vantage Clinical Solutions, there are naturally a number of ways that our services are priced.

Vantage medical billing and EMR systems are provided on an ongoing basis and our fees are generated as a percentage of collections. The actual percentage depends upon the actual package delivered, and ranges from approximately 6 to 18% of collections.

For Vantage knowledge-based solutions, our fees are generated by the project or on an hourly basis, depending on the project. Our hourly prices range from $195 to $295 per hour, depending on the nature of the expertise required, and project prices range from a couple hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the nature of the project. Our introductory consulting package is offered at $295, which includes up to 90 minutes of consulting with a Vantage consultant, the fees for which are applicable toward future services provided by Vantage within 30 days.

Our other solutions, such as marketing and education, are provided on a fee-for-service basis depending on the deliverables and time required to complete the project. Our services are competitively priced for the level of quality and support offered within these solutions.

Vantage innovation-based solutions include the potential for partnership opportunities and in which case are not priced according to our standard consulting and management structures. For Vantage innovation-based solutions that require consultative and/or management roles exclusively by Vantage, our standard consulting and management fee structures apply.

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I'd like to contact some references, do you provide a reference list of current or past clients?

You bet! We are proud and privileged to share with the names and contact information of clients who have agreed to be contacted in this regard. Simply contact us and ask for a list of references and we'll be happy to provide.

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Do you provide instructors/speakers for organized events or for customized training sessions?

We sure do! Vantage consultants and practice managers are eager to speak to audiences who can benefit from our knowledge and experience. Scheduling of instructors or speakers is schedule-dependent, so contacting us early to discuss possible topics and dates for the event help tremendously. Contact us today to discuss your need for speakers, and we'll do everything we can to accommodate your event.

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What does your mission, improving healthcare through entrepreneurship mean?

At Vantage Clinical Solutions, all of our services have been developed upon the belief that entrepreneurship is both a characteristic and powerful tool that can be used to improve healthcare. Entrepreneurship, as this characteristic and tool, unleashes immense creativity, innovation, and motivation - all of which improve the quality of healthcare. By providing systems, resources, and knowledge that facilitates entrepreneurship among healthcare providers, we are effectively improving healthcare, and living out the Vantage mission.

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How long has Vantage Clinical Solutions been in business?

Vantage Clinical Solutions incorporated in 2006, and since then has helped numerous clients open new healthcare practices, or improve practices already in existence. We have clients from coast to coast, and are growing steadily through our expanded services and word-of-mouth referrals. Read more about our story here.

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Where are your offices located?

Vantage Clinical Solutions has locations in Bend, Oregon, and Denver, Colorado. From these offices, we consult, manage, and provide services to practices from coast to coast. Read more about our locations here.

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Do you work with companies located outside of the United States?

At this time, all of our clients currently reside within the United States.

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Do you have to visit my practice in order to help me?

No. Although we love the opportunity to visit our clients onsite, our systems and delivery has been created to allow us to manage, consult, and assist practices regardless of location, and regardless of our ability to visit onsite. Now, there are many services that are enhanced by our presence onsite, including training sessions for our EMR platform, and some branding work and market analysis. This said, we manage and consult with many clients with whom we've never met face-to-face.

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