Idea Incubator

Your ideas, hatched.

The Vantage Idea Incubator is the first step in bringing your practice or program idea to life.  Culminating in a powerful 60-90 minute consultation session, your Vantage Consultant will work with you to examine, brainstorm, and provide recommendations regarding your idea.  The Vantage Idea Incubator focuses on the viability of your idea, as well as the resources necessary to bring it to life.

The Vantage Idea Incubator starts with a detailed survey which you will complete prior to your consultation session, providing the Vantage Development team with information required to enhance and enrich your idea. Once completed, the survey will be forwarded to your primary consultant and reviewed with appropriate members of the Vantage Development team for brainstorming, viability analysis, and enhancement.

Finally, using the information from your survey, the Vantage Idea Incubator session will be scheduled to review and discuss your idea, including the steps necessary to make your idea a reality. 

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