Ownership Program

Bridge the Gap from Employee to Owner

It's the ultimate in autonomy, and you've probably thought about it before. Calling the shots, delivering care the way you see it best, being compensated fairly for your efforts - all are benefits of practice ownership, and all are available to you through Vantage Ownership Services.

Here you'll learn about our Vantage Ownership, the individual elements that comprise Vantage Ownership Services, and the process for getting started.

What is Vantage Ownership?

Vantage Ownership is unlike any other ownership solution available on the market today. Through our unique ownership program, we offer all of the financial and logistical resources necessary to help clinicians build and own thriving private healthcare practices, while avoiding many of the pitfalls common to startup clinics. Vantage Ownership provides guidance and assistance in four important ownership areas, including proper planning and protection, startup assistance and support, robust practice management services, and equity financing. Through these elements Vantage Ownership effectively eliminates the barriers to ownership, bridging the gap to ownership for healthcare clinicians.

Vantage Ownership Elements

Planning and Protecting
Eighty percent of businesses fail on the first try. Being part of the other 20% is achieved through proper planning and analysis. We take a look at a number of critical decision variables when planning for private practice, starting with the most fundamental - is there even a market for the practice? By performing a comprehensive market analysis and business plan for the practice you envision, we address critical elements that may make the difference between success and failure.

We complement our market analysis and startup planning with the standard legal considerations that need to be made in order to protect your interests in your new venture. This includes appropriate entity formation, policy development, and contract negotiation.

Startup Support
There's a lot to consider when starting up a private practice. Getting lost in a maze of details is not an uncommon source of intimidation and failure for first-time practice owners, and we're here to make it simple. Vantage Ownership offers assistance in the following areas in order to get your entry into private practice right on the first try.

  • Entity Formation
  • Insurance Contracting
  • Business Planning
  • Panel Application
  • Financial Projections
  • Fee Schedules
  • IT Design
  • Brand Development
  • Buildout Design
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Lease Agreements
  • Service Development
  • Policy Development
  • Documentation/EMR
Management Systems
Vantage Ownership uses the same robust systems that form the basis of Vantage Management. These systems include practice analysis and reporting, billing and collection management, practice management software, bookkeeping and accounting services, IT management, HR management, and satisfaction and outcome reporting.

Equity Financing

Starting a new practice doesn't come cheap, but allowing financial barriers to prevent a good clinician from owning their own practice deprives both the clinician and the unserved community. Our equity financing program reduces financial barriers to private practice through an equity relationship that is based on your needs, not ours.

Vantage Ownership Process

We move at the speed of you.
Making the leap into practice ownership is no small decision. We don't take this decision lightly and we don't want you to either. The process for moving forward with Vantage Ownership occurs in a number of simple, defined steps that protect and educate you at each stage so that you can make an informed decision that benefits your career best.

Step 1
We respect your privacy. Anyone interested in learning more about Vantage Ownership is given the protection of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before divulging any confidential information to our team.

Step 2
We learn about you. After an NDA is signed, every ownership services project begins with a consultative brief, a 45-60 minute meeting with a Vantage Ownership specialist in which we initiate exploration into the needs of potential owners. The objective of the consultative brief is to introduce potential owners to our specialists, and to obtain information regarding the specific needs of potential owners in an effort to develop a written proposal for Vantage Ownership.

Step 3
We communicate clearly. Following the consultative brief, a written ownership proposal is delivered, and the decision to continue forward becomes the sole decision of our potential owners.

Step 4
We begin. Upon acceptance of the written proposal, the ownership relationship is formed, and the Vantage team becomes a partner in the success of our owner's practice. The deployment time for ownership services depends specifically on the scope of the solution, but initial steps usually occur within 3 business days, with full practice ownership achieved within 4 to 6 months.*

*Estimates only. Actual time frames depend on specific market characteristics, financing terms, scope of the clinical practice.

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