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The credits have rolled, but the show's not over.

Vantage Clinical Solutions participates in numerous seminars and presentations annually. The list below includes a list of previously held seminars and workshops which are available for your upcoming educational event. If you've attended a Vantage presentation and are looking for your downloads, here you go.

Financial Management for Practice Managers and Administrators

A conceptual and step-by-step guide to making your brand shine brighter and last longer.

Building Brand Identity

A conceptual and step-by-step guide to making your brand shine brighter and last longer.

Six-Step Marketing

A simple and effective framework through which healthcare practices can achieve successful marketing results.

The Power of Branding

A powerful and dynamic presentation which helps healthcare professionals to understand and control their brand.

Decision Making by the Numbers

Reduce the risk associated with important business decisions through financial projections and cost-benefit analysis.

Finance 101

Learn about the balance sheet, income statement, and management of cash flows in this informative financial presentation.

Market Analysis 101

This presentation will help practice owners answer the questions: Who needs us? Will they find us? What will they pay us?

Sticky Marketing Using Social Media

Go beyond the private practice website and learn the benefits of connecting with clients using Facebook® and Twitter®.

Online Marketing for Healthcare Providers

Use the web to provide your clients with (1) a way to find you, (2) a reason to try you, and (3) a reason to stay (or come back).

Healthcare Trends

Understand the trends that are affecting - and will affect - physical therapists in private practice over the coming years.

Branding Direct Access Healthcare Services

Learn what a brand is, and how it can help your practice achieve success in marketing "direct access" services.

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