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Healthcare Trends


In this session, we will take a macroeconomic look at the healthcare industry, discussing the trends that are impacting, and will impact PT's in private practice throughout the United States. The session will focus on trends occurring both inside and outside of the physical therapy domain, with specific emphasis on the impact that these trends are having on our profession. Discussion will include the areas of PT referral sources (physicians, specialists, extenders), patient demographics (income, insurance, other economic factors), social programs (Medicare, Medicaid, etc.), payers, and substitutes within related fields (athletic trainers, occupational therapists, chiropractors, personal trainers, massage therapists, etc.). In addition to a presentation of specific data and research into these market trends, we will discuss the ways in which physical therapists must adjust in order to exploit new opportunities and avoid the threats that are developing.

This session is intended for physical therapists/assistants, practice owners, and administrators who have an interest in understanding the economic “big picture” and how this impacts our private practices, and our livelihood as physical therapists.


Upon completion of this presentation, attendees will:
  1. Understand the market trends occurring within related professions and industries outside of physical therapy which have an impact on our profession.
  2. Understand why each of the market trends presented impact our profession from a macroeconomic perspective, as well as how they are likely to have an impact on specific PT practices.
  3. Understand how they can strategically adjust their practices in order to take advantage of the opportunities and to mitigate the threats that exist based on the market trends presented.


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