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The Power of Branding


The APTA has invested much time and energy into the development of a consistent PT brand that will help our profession move forward toward Vision 2020. This brand initiative will help to bring agreement and consistency to the image that we portray to those that use our services, those that refer to us, and those that pay for the services we provide.

Though the leadership of the APTA is essential to the development of a strategic “PT brand,” just as vital is the understanding that the PT brand lives and breathes among every individual who carries the PT designation. From hospital staff, to practice owners, to educators and administrators – WE are the PT brand, and we hold infinite power in our ability to shape the destiny of ourselves and our profession.

To the private practice owner, the ability to control their brand has immediate economic implications. To the acute care PT, the ability to control their brand will shape the services they are expected to provide within their job description. To our educators and administrators, the ability to control the PT brand means the ability to secure the resources necessary to conduct important research and to allow for necessary growth of services and programs. Examples are endless.

Our profession exists in the midst of aggressive competition in the marketplace, and the implications for every PT among us are not limited to geography, economic class, or clinical specialty. We must understand the basics of why branding is important to ourselves and our profession, and specifically what we can do to protect our livelihoods, our clinical scope of care, and ultimately our future.

In this 2-hour presentation, I outline (1) the issues faced by PT’s at all levels of care in the U.S., (2) the importance and theory behind brand development, (3) how our professional image and brand contributes to (and can ultimately detract from) the issues PT’s face, and (4) the practical steps that we can take both as a profession as well as individually to mitigate these issues through the development of a “clear and consistent” professional brand.


Upon completion of this presentation, attendees will:
  1. Understand the main issues facing PT professionals that significantly impact our scope, reimbursement and general perception within the U.S. healthcare model.
  2. Understand the basics of image and brand development.
  3. Understand how our professional image and brand contributes to, and may ultimately mitigate, the issues we face in our profession.
  4. Understand the practical steps that we can take both as a profession as well as individually in order to develop a "clear and consistent" professional brand.


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