Finance for PT Administrators Program

Through our Finance for PT Administrators program, you will work side-by-side with a PT finance expert to review your practice's financial statements, discuss recommendations for organization of your chart of accounts, and collaborate on the creation and use of a financial dashboard for your practice. This financial consulting program occurs over a 3-month period, and consists of three phases:

Phase I: Financial Exploration
During the first month of your financial consulting program, you will work with your PT finance consultant to explore your current financial situation, including the evaluation of your balance sheet, income statement, and chart of accounts. The exploration phase will conclude with a financial diagnosis and action plan which will guide you toward the financial success of your practice.

Phase II: Financial Enrichment
Working from your financial diagnosis and action plan from phase I, the second month includes regular meetings with your PT finance consultant to create and enrich a set of working financial processes, decisions, and objectives for your practice. The financial enrichments will be customized to your specific needs, and may pertain to improvements in your balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, or accounts receivable performance.

Phase III: Financial Execution
The final month is dedicated to handing off to you and your practice owners the financial enrichments started in phase II. It is our goal that by the end of the 3rd month of the program, you are capable and willing to take on responsibility and authority for future financial decisions, processes, and milestones pertinent to your practice's financial success.

The Finance for PT Administrators program is a one-on-one financial guidance and mentorship opportunity for physical therapy practice administrators of all levels of finance and management experience. Due to the one-on-one guidance provided by the Vantage finance consulting team through this program, we can accept a limited number participants. So if your practice can't afford to miss out on this financial improvement opportunity, act today to reserve your spot!