Clarity, effectiveness, and accountability.

Our coaching services provide one-on-one guidance to healthcare providers and administrators in order to improve clarity of purpose, achieve personal effectiveness, identify objectives and strategies, develop action plans, and create accountability for the growth process.


Performance Coaching
The focus of Performance Coaching is on task performance, and is used to foster an employee's functional development level based on job performance. Weak performance areas are identified and a coaching strategy is developed to strengthen these areas. The outcomes of Performance Coaching are set by the employee's leader and are non-negotiable.

Development Coaching
The focus of Development Coaching is on the development of employees based on their general and specific growth stages. Individual strengths are identified, and the focus is on developing individuals into valuable assets, which may include leadership development and succession planning in some circumstances. Outcomes are generally co-created and are negotiable.

Support Coaching
The focus of Support Coaching is on the assistance of an individual according to their support needs. This may include personal effectiveness issues such as work/life balance as well as communication or interpersonal skills.

Stress Management
The focus of Stress Management coaching is on the learning of specific tools for managing stress and maintaining grace under pressure (that is, anytime, anywhere, and in less than 60 seconds!). Benefits include reduced fatigue, anxiety levels, tension, and burnout; improved decision making abilities; increased creativity and clarity of thought; and improved overall energy levels. In addition, interactive software and learning materials are used to enhance learning through the application of proven tools.

Leadership Coaching
The focus of Leadership Coaching is on problem solving for performance improvement, team accountability, personnel conflicts, and relationship management. Leadership objectives and strategies are developed in order to improve team dynamics, administrative structure, and organizational culture. Important strategic and tactical change management techniques are also addressed as part of our Leadership Coaching service.

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