Communication. Conflict resolution. Cohesion.

Our facilitation services provide individual and team guidance to healthcare providers and administrators in order to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and strengthen cohesiveness among team members.


Individual Facilitation
The purpose of Individual Facilitation is to facilitate conversation and communication between two individuals in order to promote understanding and resolve conflict. The parties involved often develop a new perspective of each other and have new information about one another. The fundamental principle is to bring the conflicting parties together to reach a mutually beneficial resolution. Solutions and agreements are often delivered as a result of the facilitation process.

Group Facilitation
The purpose of Group Facilitation is to provide safety, assist with the clarification of existing issues, promote understanding among team members, and help find group solutions to underlying conflicts or problems. Action steps that can be carried out through a combination of organizational leadership and group work is often delivered as a result of the facilitation process.

Team Development
The purpose of Team Development is to strengthen team cohesiveness by leveraging existing relationships. Team Development can be likened to preventative maintenance, in that it helps to "build" rather than "repair" the team environment. Team building exercises and the creation of "team vision" and interaction agreements are often delivered as a result of the Team Development process.

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