Systems-Based Solutions

Our systems work hard so you don't have to.

The goal of our systems is simpleto work hard so you don't have to. Proven, efficient, and easy to integrate, Vantage systems will help your practice work smarternot harderallowing you to focus on your life while we focus on your practice.

Vantage combines best-of-breed technology solutions with some of the most creative minds in healthcare to provide your practice with systems that are smart, efficient, and with you for the long haul. Our systems support practices of numerous specialties from coast-to-coast, and there is no practice too small, or too large, to experience the efficiency and cost-savings of our practice management solutions.

  • Front Office Systems - Patient scheduling, patient check-in/out, eligibility verification*
  • Back Office Systems - A/R management, payroll processing, financial management, bookkeeping
  • Clinical Care Systems - Electronic medical records (EMR), electronic charge submission
  • Marketing Systems - Website development, email campaign management

Working hard for you.

You may sleep, but our systems don't. Most of our systems are built upon secure, cloud-based platforms which allow our clients to access their accounts at any time, from anywhere. So, if you feel like spending that extra day at the coast because you can still get your work done...go ahead. It's your system, on your time.

Focus on life, again.

You've got plenty on your plate, and plenty that requires your focus. Your patients, your staff, your family - the reasons you chose a life in healthcare to begin with. But your practice needs focus in order to support those elements of your life that mean the most. Vantage systems are here to focus on your practice, allowing you to focus on life, again.

*Available in some areas.

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To learn more about Vantage Systems, contact us online or give us a call at (866) 259-0264. To learn more about our specific Vantage Systems, please use the links below.

Medical Billing / EMR