Marketing Systems

Your patients are on the web, and they're looking for you.

Having a robust online presence is no longer an option. Patients expect a lot from you, and are using the web as an integral part of the healthcare experience. From the use of sophisticated and user-friendly websites to subscription to content-rich email newsletters, the web is critical to attracting and retaining clientele for your practice.

Website / CMS

A dynamic web presence controlled by you. Vantage Clinical Solutions provides your practice with a fully integrated web platform that interacts with your patients in their online world. Boasting a dynamic web presence through an administrative interface controlled by you, our website and content management system (CMS) is the future of your private practice website.

Email Marketing

Educate, enlighten, and connect with your patients outside the exam room. Building loyalty with your patients requires making a connection beyond the walls of your practice. Email marketing is one of the fastest growing and most cost-effective ways to achieve top-of-mind recognition, and our professional content and design will take you there.

SEO / Google AdWords

Search Engine Optimization = Website visibility through paid and organic search results. Potential clients, patients, and customers are searching for a practice such as yours every minute of every day. Moving up in the search results ranking requires knowledge and understanding of ever-changing SEO rules and best practices. Let Vantage analyze and report on what you can do to become more competitive in the online arena.