Vantage Enterprise Solution™

How it Works

Through our cloud-based infrastructure and team of management experts, Vantage Enterprise Solution™ combines our medical billing solution, EMR and patient scheduling software, and financial management service to create a turnkey business system that allows you to focus on your patients, while we focus on your business.

Medical Billing

Vantage Enterprise Solution™ includes our comprehensive Vantage Revenue Capture™ solution which manages your medical claims from start to finish using our cloud-based infrastructure and one of the best medical billing staff around. Learn more about how it works by visiting Vantage Revenue Capture™ -- How it Works.

EMR and Practice Management Software

OfficeEMR™, our flagship EMR and practice management software (PMS), seamlessly integrates your EMR, claims management, and patient scheduling functions, all with a HIPAA compliant and CCHIT/ONC-ATCB certified infrastructure that can be accessed from anywhere. Learn more about how it works by visiting Vantage Practice Essentials™ -- How it Works.

Financial Management

Accounts payable. Paying the bills takes organization, time, and focus. While you focus on caring for your patients, our bookkeepers make sure your bills are paid accurately and on time. Using a Vantage P.O. Box dedicated to your practice, we receive incoming invoices, create checks, and forward to you, along with a prepaid envelope, for final signature and mailing.

Budgeting. As a Vantage Enterprise Solution™ client, we will work with you to establish a goal-oriented and achievable budget against which your financial  performance will be measured on a monthly basis. Annually, our business consultants will work with you to revise your budget for the upcoming year in accordance with your business strategy and objectives.

Cash flow management. Because Vantage Enterprise Solution™ helps to manage your revenue and expenses, our practice managers are able to help you see your practice's finances from all angles, allowing you to match volume and revenue objectives with monthly expenses so that making payroll is never in question again.

Payroll Processing

Time cards. Twice per month, we process payroll for your staff through the submission of time cards created specifically for your practice. Once received by fax, our payroll processing team creates payroll checks for your staff, applying all appropriate tax payments and employee benefits. Paychecks are then forwarded to you for final approval and signature.

Direct deposit. For practices and employees desiring payroll processing by direct deposit, we provide the necessary enrollment forms and create the secure link between our financial management software and the employee's bank of choice. All time cards and employee payments are approved by the practice owner using our secure, cloud-based financial management software.

Client Support (that's you!)

Client hotline. As a Vantage Enterprise Solution™ client, you will be provided with our Vantage Hotline number, providing you and your staff with priority access to a customer service representative who can serve you. With our service mantra of "two-rings-or-less," it is our objective that you feel served and supported on every single encounter.

Email hotbox. And if the Vantage Hotline isn't enough, you will also be provided with access to our email "hotbox" which gets priority routing to an account representative for email support. Through your own customized support email address, your inquiries will be quickly routed to the first available client representative that can assist you.