Vantage Enterprise Solution™


Vantage Enterprise Solution™ is the premier turnkey business solution which will provide your practice with expert personnel and robust systems for every function of your practice. From medical billing, to EMR and patient scheduling, to expense management, Vantage Enterprise Solution™ is your "one-stop-shop" of practice management solutions.

practessen_medbill.pngMedical Billing
Vantage Enterprise Solution™ includes our comprehensive Vantage Revenue Capture™ solution which manages your medical claims from start to finish using our cloud-based infrastructure and one of the best medical billing staff around. Learn more by visiting our Vantage Revenue Capture™ overview.

enterprise_software.pngEMR and Practice Management Software
OfficeEMR™, our flagship EMR and practice management software (PMS), seamlessly integrates your EMR, claims management, and patient scheduling functions, all with a HIPAA compliant and CCHIT/ONC-ATCB certified infrastructure that can be accessed from anywhere. Learn more by visiting our Vantage Practice Essentials™ overview.

enterprise_finance.pngFinancial Management and Payroll
Ensuring optimal management of your finances requires attention to more than just revenue. Here, we help you manage the expense side of your business by paying your bills on time, including payroll processing and tax payments -- a daunting process for the most savvy of business owners. We call this, "the right hand and left hand working together."

enterprise_monthly.pngMonthly Reporting
Each month, we will prepare, analyze, and deliver to you a set of six detailed reports which capture the performance and behavior of your medical billing accounts. A hallmark of the Vantage Enterprise Solution™ service, our reports will keep you informed of code utilization, account aging, referral patterns, and payer performance.

enterprise_strategy.pngStrategy Consulting
In addition to performance excellence as we manage your revenue accounts, we offer up to two hours of monthly strategy consulting with our seasoned management consultants. Always with an eye toward successful entrepreneurship, our strategy consulting is one of the most unique and valuable offerings within the Vantage Enterprise Solution™ service.