Vantage Practice Essentials™

Getting Started

Finding out if Vantage Practice Essentials™ is right for your practice is simple, straightforward, and risk free. You'll experience no high-pressured sales tactics, you'll get your questions answered, and we'll insist that you speak to our existing clients before signing a contract.

Step 1

Contact us to learn more. Give us a call at (866) 259-0264 or complete our online contact form and let us know you're interested. We will put you in touch with a qualified Vantage representative who will answer your questions and talk about the Vantage Practice Essentials™ service. No more, no less.
Time needed: 15 mins

Step 2

The online demo. If you like what you've heard, and you like us, we'll then take 45-60 minutes to provide you with a comprehensive, 360-degree look at the Vantage Practice Essentials™ service. In the demo, we'll show you our software, let you talk to our practice management professionals, and peruse sample reports that you'd receive as a Vantage Practice Essentials™ client.
Time needed: 60 mins

Step 3

Information gathering. So, you like the Vantage Practice Essentials™ service, and you'd like a quote. This process usually takes a business day to complete, and requires that we learn a bit about your practice. We'll provide you with a short list of questions that will be used to complete your quote, which will be delivered to you by phone or email.
Time needed: 1 day

Step 4

The agreement. If the quote looks good and you'd like to proceed, we submit to you a formal agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the Vantage Practice Essentials™ service. The agreement typically takes a business day to complete, sign, and return to us for processing.
Time needed: 1 day

Step 5

Implementation timeline. Once you've made the decision to move forward, we'll move fast. A typical implementation takes 4-6 weeks to complete, much of which is dependent upon gathering information from your practice. To keep on track and move as fast as possible, you'll be provided with a clear and comprehensive timeline so you'll know what to expect, and when it's going to happen as we progress toward implementation day.
Time needed: 4-6 weeks

Step 6

Training. As we work in the background to set up your EMR and claims database, we'll be preparing training tools which will allow you to understand and be able to fully execute the processes necessary within the Vantage Practice Essentials™ solution. Training will cover use of the EMR and patient scheduling software, as well as how to submit charges, how to contact and use your account representative, and how to use and interpret the performance reports you'll be receiving each month.
Time needed: 4 hours

Step 7

Implementation. When implementation day arrives we'll all be ready. We'll flip the switch on our end and you will be immediately be able to access and use your new EMR and patient scheduling software. We will begin processing your medical billing claims immediately, and will be in close contact with you and your staff to answer any questions and clarify any processes.
Time needed: 1 day

As you can see, we take it slow and methodical during the sales and transition process. We know this is a big decision, but we've found ways to make it less scary and intimidating. If you're comfortable with the process outlined above, give us a call at (866) 259-0264 or contact us online. We'd love to serve you.