Vantage Revenue Capture™

How it Works

Vantage Revenue Capture™ is a well-oiled medical billing solution which creates a seamless integration between our systems and your practice. The perfect balance between human expertise and technological excellence, Vantage Revenue Capture™ is easy to implement, easy to understand, and easily recognized as the best medical billing solution for most medical practices.

Claims Management

Cloud-based technology. Once your claims are submitted using the Vantage Revenue Capture™ service, your pending revenue is managed and analyzed using a powerful web-based infrastructure which meets the strictest guidelines for healthcare technology, including full HIPAA compliance and CCHIT/ONC-ATCB certification.

Claim scrubbing. Immediately upon submission, your medical claims are electronically scrubbed for accuracy and completion using an advanced rules-based algorithm kept up to date with the most recent laws and regulations. This automatic process ensures that all necessary information required to avoid an automatic denial of your claim have been included.

Manual review. In addition to electronically scrubbing each claim, our manual review verifies for a second time that your claim is accurate and complete prior to submission. Following this, our billing staff perform a final review of your claim, this time to apply any code modifiers necessary to maximize reimbursement in accordance with local laws and regulations.

Insurance follow up. After submission of your claim, we're still watching. If your claims aren't paid by insurance in a timely manner, our dedicated medical billing staff is on the phone and in their inbox until we get an answer. Using benchmark data from organizations such as the MGMA, we evaluate your aging accounts to ensure we meet or exceed payment benchmarks.

Statement processing. At the beginning of each month, our professional staff prepare paper statements for each of your patients in order to collect on responsible portions in a timely manner. All statements include a dedicated toll-free number for billing inquiries and a return envelope for quick and easy payment submission.

Collections servicing. When patients don't - or can't - pay their medical bill in a timely manner, our collections service offers a gentle and client-directed transition into the collections process. You decide when to refer each account to collections, and direct us on how hard to pursue collecting on your behalf.

Security. At every step along the way, your information is safe and secure with Vantage Revenue Capture™ as all data is backed up daily through a network of redundant servers. Meeting strict federal standards for HIPAA compliance, your data is protected from theft and natural disaster using technologies and safeguards not available to most practices.

Patient Support

Phone network. Our phone network matches your own toll-free number with a direct inward dial (DID) circuit dedicated to your account, allowing us to prepare for your patients even before we pick up the phone.  Because our system knows who's calling before we answer, we can provide a seamless integration with your practice as we answer on behalf of your brand - not ours.

Customer service. We deliver excellence in customer service on each and every communication. With a standard response standard of "two-rings-or-less," our medical billing staff understands that their role begins and ends with a patient, not just a claim. Our culture of service permeates everything we do at Vantage, all in an effort to be a positive reflection of your practice.

Simple statements. Patient statements are a touchpoint that can cause confusion and despair if not easy to understand. With the Vantage Revenue Capture™ service, your patient statements will wield a simple layout in an easy-to-read format. All statements are processed with your own toll-free number and a return envelope for quick and easy payment submission.

Client Support (that's you!)

Client hotline. As a Vantage Revenue Capture™ client, you will be provided with our Vantage Hotline number, providing you and your staff with priority access to a customer service representative who can serve you. With our service mantra of "two-rings-or-less," it is our objective that you feel served and supported on every single encounter.

Email hotbox. And if the Vantage Hotline isn't enough, you will also be provided with access to our email "hotbox" which gets priority routing to an account representative for email support. Through your own customized support email address, your inquiries will be quickly routed to the first available client representative that can assist you.