Vantage Revenue Capture™


Vantage Revenue Capture™ consists of six essential features that will get you paid fast, keep your patients happy, and help you grow. A comprehensive and unique mix of precision, service, and strategy, Vantage Revenue Capture™ is not only ready for the future of your practice - it will help you get there.

claimcheck.pngClaims Management
Submission of clean claims by our professional medical billing staff consists of a three-step "scrubbing" process to make sure claims are entered right the first time. Following submission, our medical billing professionals perform daily follow up with payers and post all payments to patient accounts upon receipt.

patientsupport.pngPatient Support
As an extension of your practice, our medical billing staff are dedicated to serving your patients, just as you are. Through a toll-free number dedicated to your practice alone, our medical billing representatives provide your patients with telephone payment processing, claims research, and general questions about their bill.

statements.pngStatement Processing
At the beginning of each month, our professional staff prepares paper statements for each of your patients in order to collect on responsible portions in a timely manner. All statements include a dedicated toll-free number for billing inquiries and a return envelope for quick and easy payment submission.

collections.pngCollections Servicing
When patients don't - or can't - pay their medical bill in a timely manner, our collections service offers a gentle and client-directed transition into the collections process. You decide when to refer each account to collections, and direct us on how hard to pursue collecting on your behalf.

monthly.pngMonthly Reporting
Each month, we will prepare, analyze, and deliver to you a set of six detailed reports which capture the performance and behavior of your medical billing accounts. A hallmark of the Revenue Capture™ service, our reports will keep you informed of code utilization, account aging, referral patterns, and payer performance.

strategyconsult.pngStrategy Consulting
In addition to performance excellence as we manage your revenue accounts, we offer up to two hours of monthly strategy consulting with our seasoned management consultants. Always with an eye toward successful entrepreneurship, our strategy consulting is one of the most unique and valuable offerings within the Vantage Revenue Capture™ service.